Have full control of all access functions and features. Manage the security of your site 24/7 with advanced electronic locking technology that meets the security requirements and more. Ensure facility security and accessibility to efficiently manage your building while providing a better user keyless and mobile experience. Check out our different platforms around the room.

SALTO BLUEnet online wireless solution is the next step in battery-operated access control. SALTO’s BLUEnet Wireless solution brings real-time two-way encrypted communication between our wireless locks and the operator.



SALTO offers a broad range of hardware, making smart access to any door around the world possible. Designed to cover every access point type and with the latest technologies to protect against advanced attacks, SALTO’s electronic smart locking platform leverages industry-leading security practices, including advanced encryption.



Different building types have different security needs. SALTO access control solutions are in use worldwide in a range of challenging and unique applications and facilities.

Core markets include commercial environments, healthcare, education and campuses, transport, sport & leisure facilities, hospitality, retail, co-working and co-living.